Information on session levels

Level 100 - Beginner/Introductory

Someone attending a Beginner/Introductory session would expect to hear about this for the first time. Note that due to the expectations of the delegates the Ignite team are unlikely to accept Level 100 sessions.

  • Product or technology overview
    • What is the product
    • What are the main features
    • Why use this product

Level 200 - Intermediate

The Intermediate Attendee at a session would know about the technology but either hasn’t seen it in action, or is simply looking for a rapid-fire, high-level overview of the newest features.

  • Product or technology technical drill-down
    • High level architecture
    • High-level best practices
    • Configuration
    • Simple code samples to make a point
    • High-level troubleshooting
    • Known limitations/issues
  • Case studies emphasising capabilities, scenarios, and value
  • Tips and techniques for managing, building, growing teams, building careers, building your business or startup

Level 300 - Experienced

An Experienced Attendee is someone who is using, or has used, the product or technology and is coming for a deeper dive into a specific area, or problem.

  • Deeper dive into product, technology, or solution
    • Detailed architecture
    • Step-by-step deployment
    • Step-by-step migration
    • Complex coding or techniques
    • Targeted or advanced troubleshooting

Level 400 - Advanced/Expert

The Expert who attends a level 400 session will have extensive domain knowledge and will be looking for that extra deep understanding of the deeper mechanics of a product or technology.

  • Advanced coding techniques
  • Debug level troubleshooting