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Open Source

Let’s talk about Azure - an open cloud platform. We’re excited to include dedicated open source sessions at Ignite and we have some amazing content to share with you. Microsoft is making significant investments in Azure to participate, release, enable, and integrate with open source projects.

From Node.js to Python, Linux to FreeBSD and Docker to Mesos - we want to share our journey to implement and use open source technologies on Azure. The open source track will demonstrate the capabilities of Azure and how to integrate our partner and open source products.

Azure enables businesses to quickly deploy and deliver enterprise and digital projects. In building our intelligent cloud products, we’ve enabled ARM and our management APIs to work with open source products and we’ll continue to invest in these platforms to give you choice and flexibility for you to deploy your IT projects.  It’s an exciting time to use Linux on Azure or commit code in your preferred language and leverage all of our platform benefits.


With the evolving landscape of IT and solutions, you need to stay on top of new patterns and practices for both on premise and cloud systems. Check out our sessions designed specifically for you to learn how to architect highly scalable solutions that can cater across multiple devices and platforms and the implications to security and privacy.

You’ll also learn when to employ microservices, containers or service fabric architectures. Know the difference between stateful and stateless workloads, and the impact on scale.


The public, private and hybrid clouds, either on premises or in public cloud providers, are releasing new features at an increasingly rapid pace. These sessions will teach you how to create flexible, fast, efficient and highly scalable cloud solutions using the latest features.

We’ll explore how to write, manage and deploy cloud based systems with ease and equip you with skills that ensure you’re at the forefront of this advancing industry.

Data and Analytics

It couldn’t be a more exciting time for Microsoft’s Data and Analytics offerings. Intelligent bot’s, a self-learning relational database with Azure SQL Database and Microsoft Cognitive Services - it has never been easier for a developer to create unique experiences inside their apps.

SQL Server 2016 is rapidly being adopted by many organisations and Power BI is moving at a phenomenal pace and leading change in organisations level of data maturity. We’ll go deep on services like Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Warehouse, SQL Server 2016, Azure SQL Database, Azure Document DB, Azure Data Catalog and some in depth sessions on SQL Server 2016.

Cortana Analytics sessions will target specific services. It's time to give that human side to your application, so come and join us.


Break the Rules! Incredible world-changing innovations with the potential to make significant social or business impact come from entrepreneurial start-ups, corporations, ISV’s and students. At Ignite 2017, we’ll give you the opportunity to see how Microsoft technologies are supporting innovation in ways you’ve never seen before. Leading start-ups, industry disruptors and technology innovators will show how you can be leaders of innovation and develop software solutions that can change the world.


These days .NET runs on practically any device you can imagine and there has never been a better time to get up to speed on the latest and greatest in .NET technology. We’re taking the best development patterns, practices, learnings, techniques and tips and jamming them all in.

If you're interested in development in any way, we have something for you - from the latest and greatest in ASP.NET Core, Xamarin and UWP platforms, to the tooling and practices that makes it all possible. We’ll cover coding for the cloud, Windows, mobile and even Linux.

So whether you're building software at enterprise scale or apps for start-up agility, we have you covered.


We’re bringing together everything you need to know about Office 365 applications and services – whether you’re building on top of the platform, kick starting deployment or even getting your head around security and compliance.

IT Pro's, you will gain a deeper understanding of new features, deployment, management, and administration across all of these productivity tools including Skype for Business, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Office ProPlus.

For Developers, you can learn how to leverage our new applications platform and marketplace to create custom solutions for your own organisations or for wider distribution.

Datacenter and Infrastructure Management

Discover the exciting new capabilities of Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud capabilities in Windows Server 2016, System Center 2016, Operations Management Suite (OMS) and upcoming Azure Stack. 

Learn how to deploy and work with Nano server, leverage storage spaces direct and the new network controller to build a software defined datacentre. 

Hear about Docker with Windows Server Containers and unlock the capabilities for running open source workloads in your organisation. 

Build the best Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery capabilities by leveraging the Azure cloud. 

Power-up your PowerShell! Push your infrastructure to the edge and over with hybrid capabilities of OMS. 

As an infrastructure specialist there will be plenty to learn and take away!


With Windows 10 well and truly established on the desktop, it’s time to understand the new capabilities and possibilities opening up to drive digital transformation in organisations. We’ll cover topics including migration paths, deployment options, latest security features and Windows 10 Anniversary update.

You’ll hear best practices from enterprises leading the way and check out the latest devices from our OEM partners and our amazing Surface products to see how they can empower your organisation.

We’ll also cover all the latest updates for UWP, to help you create a single app package that can be installed onto a wide range of Windows & other devices.


Hack@Ignite is back! Last year we had short talks in being more organised, delivering a kickass presentation, visual note taking and the fine art of deliberate practice and you told us that you loved it. This year it’s going to be bigger and better than ever, to help you be more awesome.

As well as non-technical talks for technical people, we’ll inspire you with innovation sessions that take a peek at where technology is heading and we’ll showcase cutting edge projects, worked on by industry leaders. Join your fellow thinkers to scale new heights of inspiration - to grow yourself, your team and your organisation.